The rumours are true, Bakuchiol is the bee's knees. In case you’ve missed the memo we give you the Bakuchiol low down here, so go have a refresh and then come back here. Okay, welcome back, let’s get into today’s topic:

I thought Bakuchiol was just an anti-ageing thing?

It is, and a damn good one at that. Even though the general consensus is to start preventing ageing early, it’s not the only skin concern we’re often worried about. Many of us, young and...slightly less young, are also concerned with dreaded spots and dots, acne. 

As much as we try, sometimes blemishes don’t seem to go away as we mature. Hormonal changes, diet, stress, environmental factors, medication, makeup and even dirty phone screens all play their part in clogging our pores and bringing on a fresh batch of whitehead misery. A key part of warding off breakouts (at any age) is staying hydrated, minimising stress and keeping to a healthy diet, but sometimes that just simply doesn’t cut it.

Enter, Bakuchiol. This complex ingredient has many hidden powers, one of which can help with the acne situ. Like traditional retinol, Bakuchiol speeds up cell turnover, which is KEY in helping skin look renewed and fresh. Your skin goes through a natural process of creating new skin cells to replace the old, which is how we wind up with dead skin cells to exfoliate away. We know that this process slows as you age, so speeding cell turnover is instrumental in helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, but how can it help acne?

Acne develops when dead skin cells and sebum build up inside hair follicles, clogging the pores and creating a blemish. Just as properly exfoliating can assist in keeping acne at bay, so too can having an efficient skin cell turnover, as the dermis is continually renewed and less likely to have build up clogging your pores - which sounds pretty good to us. Helping to assist this natural process gives our skin a renewed, bouncy layer of skin, while aiding the exfoliation process. 

To achieve this tall order our Bakuchiol Booster Serum contains 2% Bakuchiol, accompanied by Rosehip, Olive Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid to help draw additional moisture in, combat fine lines, and give your skin a healthy glow! So whether your concern is ageing, acne or simply adding back a bit of lustre to your complexion, Bakuchiol is the ingredient for you.

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Bakuchiol Booster Serum