SKINFOOD Frequent Asked Questions

What skin types are Skinfood products suitable for?

Our products are suitable for all skin types; they have been formulated to be non-irritating, paraben free, gentle yet effective.

Is Skinfood suitable for sensitive skin?

Skinfood products are gentle and made with sensitive skin in mind. There are no petrochemical ingredients and no nano ingredients. That does not mean that it is not possible for someone to react to Skinfood just as they might to any brand. An ingredient or even part of one ingredient that is completely safe on most people, might be an allergen on one unfortunate person. For this reason we always recommend patch testing the product first.

Do you use animal products in Skinfood?

With the exception of honey and beeswax there are no animal ingredients in Skinfood products.

Do you test your products on animals?

We are proud to say that no Skinfood product has ever been tested on animals—either by us or by any other company on our behalf. When we use a new raw material in any of our products, we require our suppliers to certify that the materials have not been tested on animals at any time after January 1, 1998 either by the suppliers themselves, any company associated with them, or on their behalf.

Are Skinfood products suitable for vegetarians?

Skinfood products are suitable for vegetarians and we are proud to be approved by the UK Vegetarian Society, the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world. Skinfood products are audited every year to ensure they meet strict criteria for approved vegetarian status. This gives our consumers' confidence that we have been independently assessed to not test our products on animals or use any ingredients resulting from animal slaughter. In fact we don't use any animal by-products other than beeswax and honey, which are accepted and consumed by vegetarians.

Are Skinfood products suitable for vegans?

The only animal products in Skinfood are honey and beeswax. Please see the ingredient list for each product. Skinfood does not test its products on animals.

Are Skinfood products gluten free?

All Skinfood products are Gluten Free and contain no grain whatsoever except for our Nourishing Body Bar which uses wheatgerm oil.

Do Skinfood products contain palm oil?

A few of our products contain ingredients derived from palm oil. We only source these from suppliers which hold RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Certification.

Do you use Microbeads in your exfoliating products?

Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub uses walnut shell and Skinfood Exfoliating Body Bar uses macadamia nut shell which are tiny round spheres derived from these nuts and are natural and bio-degradable.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

Products made with the addition of water, like creams and lotions, require a preservative system to ensure the safety of these products. We use a safe, natural approved preservative.

Can I use Skinfood products while I am pregnant?

Yes, the Skinfood range is suitable for use while you are pregnant. In fact our Rosehip Oil, Coco+Nut Oil and our Body Butter are favourites of expectant mums for their stretching baby bumps.

What is the best time to apply the facial oil? Can I wear make-up over facial oil?

We recommend applying our facial oils after cleansing, morning and night. You can wear makeup over facial oil. Let your skin absorb the oils for 3–5 minutes before applying makeup. If your skin feels oily after this, you are using too much facial oil. If your skin feels dry and you want more moisture, you are probably not using enough facial oil, adjust to suit your skin’s individual needs.

What is Skinfood's position on the environment and sustainability?

We believe that it is our responsibility to be environmentally sustainable. We use only ingredients that have been sustainably harvested and without harm to the environment. All of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable suppliers. In all the steps it takes to make our product and ship it around the world we ensure we are making sustainable choices that have the least impact on the environment.