Just like discovering your teeth need a good 2 minute clean, as it turns out there’s an ideal time for cleansing as well. The sweet spot is from 30-60 seconds. If you’re putting in the elbow grease, you might as well be doing a bang up job, here’s why: 

  1. Let's first remember why we cleanse to begin with. A big part of your cleansers job is simply to remove the daily build up - grime, gunk and all the residual product you put on in the morning. In order to effectively achieve this goal you have to put in a solid 30 seconds, minimum. Your car isn’t clean after one or two wipes, so nor will your face be (and we all want a beautiful, pristine complexion!). If your face doesn't feel quite clean, it probably isn't, so cleanse a little longer. 
  2. Speaking of all those products you applied to your skin, you want them to be working at their best, right? Properly cleansed skin will allow the best absorption of all the wonderful ingredients in your luxurious lotions & potions. If you have build up and oils still lingering on the surface, anything new you apply will have trouble penetrating through. Residual makeup, oils and moisturiser can also clog pores, irritate skin, as well as compromise your skin’s natural barrier protection and pH balance - no thanks!
  3. Fancy ingredients found in your cleanser also need time to work their magic! Because your cleanser doesn’t sit on your skin, the window of opportunity for these ingredients to penetrate skin is much smaller, making it even more crucial you properly massage them into your skin. Take this time to give yourself a 1 minute mini massage, which will also boost circulation and help your skin to glow (no one’s saying no to that!). 

So how do I properly cleanse?

Firstly we recommend removing all makeup with a remover or oil based cleansing balm. Once you’ve done the bulk of this hard work, you can go in with your daily cleanser. Our Cleans All, Gel Cleanser & Ageless Ceramide Cleansing Cream are all eye safe, so you can gently removes any excess, stubborn water-proof mascara if need be (keep those puppies closed though)! Gently massage your skin in small circular motions with your fingertips or the palm of your hand for 30-60 seconds. Remember, your face stops at your neck, so be sure to bring your cleanser all the way down (and your serums & moisturisers). Once or twice a week go in with your favourite exfoliator, after cleansing.

Rinse off your cleanser with warm water, admire your clean, supple skin for an extra 30 seconds, and then follow with your holy grail moisturiser.